• What is qiksms?

    Qiksms is web based bulk SMS platform that allows you as a business to send text messages to your employee and customers mobile phones. You can send marketing campaigns, notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations or anything else you can think of. Essentially you can think of us as a Gmail or Hotmail but instead of sending emails we send SMS messages. We provides you with the ability to send bulk sms, upload and manage contacts and groups, get live reports on sent messages, top-up your account and view invoices. All in a user-friendly web interface. And since we’re a cloud based service all this can be done from any computer or mobile device. we suggest you to sign up for free and try it out for yourself. Each account has to free sms messages

  • How you do I get a free trial?

    Please follow the link sign up for free. It’s super easy. Just enter your details and once you have completed the signup you are ready to start sending messages. With your account you will have 10 free message to send so you can get started immediately.

  • Why use qiksms?

    The advantage of qiksms is that you in no more than 5 minutes can start sending SMS messages easy, quickly and safe to your customers and clients. No matter how many they are. The messages you send will have real time reports that show that the messages have been delivered. Uploading your contacts is very simple and straightforward, and with intuitive group management you’ll be sending messages in no time.

  • How much does qiksms cost?

    An SMS with qiksms will only cost a couple of cents to send, pricing is available on pricing page as it varies from country to country. We will not charge you any ongoing fee or monthly cost. You only pay for the messages you send (pay-per-use) and nothing else.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    At qiksms you can easily pay using either your credit/debit card or via Paypal. All payments are taken through our secure checkout and we will never share any of your details with third-parties. For each payment we will generate an invoice so you can manage your finances without any issues.

  • Can I get discounts if I send large numbers of messages?

    We offer a sliding price with significant discounts as you send more messages. The price per message is calculated automatically based on how much you top up, and you will benefit immediately from the lower price per message the moment you qualify for the next pricing tier. So the more messages you send the cheaper it gets for you. Please get in touch with us if you’re looking to send really large numbers of messages (50,000 or more per month)

  • How many messages can I send with qiksms?

    The great thing with qiksms is that there is no limit to the number of messages you can send. It doesn’t matter if you want to send four messages or forty thousand message.

  • How quickly are my messages sent?

    Qiksms queues your messages and feeds them to the networks as quickly as they’ll take them. A message will land on the phone as quickly as the network allows it. Usually it doesn’t take more than a minute.

  • Can I send text messages worldwide?

    Qiksms supports sending messages worldwide to 177 countries.

  • Why isn’t my country available to select when signing up?

    Qiksms currently supports users from Australia, UK, Chile and Sri Lanka. We are rolling out the service is new countries all the time. However if you find yourself unable to register please get in touch with support and we’ll see how we can help you

  • How do I upload my existing contacts to qiksms?

    You can easily upload your contacts from an Excel or CSV file. Just upload the file and all your contacts will load into the system and be ready for sending. With qiksms you can also create individual groups for your contacts to more easily manage large a large database.

    Read more about uploading contacts to qiksms.

  • Can people opt-out from getting message?

    Yes, you can give your contacts the option of opting out from future messages by ticking the check box saying ‘allow opt-out’ on the sending page. This will then include a link in your message where people can easily opt-out from receiving future messages

  • How opt-outs are managed?

    When a user decides to opt-out that number will automatically be listed on your opt-out list under managed contacts. Every time you send a message the system will cross check against your opt-out list and not send to any number that is found on that list.

  • Is my data safe and secure with qiksms?

    Yes. There is no greater priority for us than the safety and security of our users data. That is why we have implemented responsible and sophisticated technical and physical controls designed to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of user data. If you want more details please read our Privacy Policy.

  • Who runs Qiksms?

    Qiksms pty Ltd is an Australian registered company. We have been working on SMS and mobile service for the last 20 years in Australia and UK.

  • I have a question which is not in the list

    We’d be more than happy to answer it. Please contact